Do you suffer of acne and need a lasting solution to clear your skin and restore your confidence? Then this is the set to go for.

Our Acne-care kit is the best choice for those who have oily skin and /or acne prone skin. It’s designed with our bestselling acne foaming cleanser, face mask, exfoliating toner & anti-bacterial cream, all these helps to help clear your pimples. This set is a must-buy item for those who wants to get rid of acne while taking care of their skin.
In order to fight acne effectively, these are the four things you need to get right.
1. Decreasing Sebum ( you get that in our acne foaming cleanser & Face Mask)
2. Unclogging pores (you get that in our exfoliating Toner & Acne foaming cleanser)
3. Antibacterial ( you get that in our acne antibacterial cream & face mask)
4. Reducing inflammation (you get that in our acne antibacterial cream, acne foaming cleanser and face mask)
It’s important to note that when using these products your skin may start purging, its very normal because the products is going deep into your skin to bring out what should not be there.
After purging your skin becomes much better and it’s definitely worth it.


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