This soap is suitable for people with dark skin type that doesn’t want to brighten their skin in any way. It treats acne

African Black Soap is rated number one in skincare and value by natural health advocates, black soap has some of the highest known concentrations of skin-friendly minerals and nutrients. Made from a combination of palm tree ashes, cocoa pods, plantain skins, coconut shells, olive leaf and Shea butter, African black soap is highly effective at cleansing the skin.
African Black soap has been used in Africa for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. It is a 100% natural treatment that will help you maintain healthier looking skin without irritation.
The African Black soap works for both men and women who suffer from razor bumps and have used products that have somewhat helped but didn’t provide a permanent cure. It’s great for treating back acne caused from sweating with the added bonus to treat the eczema on delicate areas of the skin such as the face, neck, shoulders and knees.
  • it has antibacterial properties
  • Its helps treat acne
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • Reduce razor bumps
  • Helps reduce the impact of eczema
  • Treats back acne
  • Improves skin tone
How to use:
Instead of applying directly on your skin, work a small portion into your hands or sponge to form lather then use the lather to wash your face, hair or skin. This is to avoid irritation.


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